CollectionYuko Sasamoto (Flonne) Autograph

Yuko Sasamoto Autograph
Item Name: Yuko Sasamoto Autograph

Game Title: Disgaea

Set: Not part of a set

Released As: n/a

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: n/a

Year: n/a

Other Info:
This is a piece of card signed by Yuko Sasamoto, the Japanese voice actress behind the voice of Flonne throughout the Disgaea series.

Autographs in this style (and on this same style of card) are given out by the Nippon Ichi voice actors and production staff at some special events, and occasionally are given away as prizes through the Japan Nippon Ichi online store (eg. a set of four might be made up, each from a different member of staff, and each one will be given away randomly in four different orders made from the Nippon Ichi store within a certain time frame).

I'm not sure when exactly this autograph is from, but going from the game title at the top, I'm guessing it must've been from a Disgaea 1 promotion at some stage.