CollectionDisgaea 2 Drawstring Bag

Disgaea 2 Drawstring Bag
Item Name: Disgaea 2 Drawstring Bag

Game Title: Disgaea 2

Set: Not part of a set.

Released As: Commercially available blanket

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Nippon Ichi Software

Year: 27 September 2007

Other Info:
This Disgaea drawstring bag was originally available from various retailers in Japan, including the Japan Nippon Ichi online store.

The bag was sold in a bundle with two prinny pouches, designed to look like the pouches Etna wears on her belt in Disgaea 2.

The bag is made out of calico/muslin fabric, and features two chibi Prinnies wearing prinny pouches printed on it in blue, along with the text 'Disgaea'.

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Disgaea 2 Drawstring Bag
Disgaea 2 Drawstring Bag
Disgaea 2 Drawstring Bag