CollectionPrinny Cushion Cover

Prinny Cushion Cover
Item Name: Prinny Cushion Cover

Game Title: Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero?

Set: Not part of a set

Released As: Commercially available cushion cover

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Toys Planning

Year: March, 2010

Other Info:
This Prinny cushion cover was originally available from various Japanese online stores.

It measures approx. 45 x 45cm (17.75" x 17.75") and features various prinnies printed all over it in various poses. There is a zipper along the bottom side to allow a cushion to be placed inside.

Technically this could be thought of as part of a set of two, as this prinny cushion (not just the cover) was released at the same time as this, and in the same style.

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Prinny Cushion Cover
Prinny Cushion Cover