CollectionPrinny Thumb Fan

Prinny Thumb Fan
Item Name: Prinny Thumb Fan

Game Title:

Set: Not part of a set

Released As: Promotional freebie

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Nippon Ichi Software

Year: July 2012

Other Info:
This Prinny thumb fan was originally available as a freebie from various festivals in Japan between July and August 2012, beginning with V-Jump Festa 2012 (21st - 28th July), and followed by Summer 2012 SubCul Festa (29th July), Akihabara Electric Outside Festival (9th August), and Comiket 82 (10th - 12th August). It was given away, along with this card, to anyone who made a purchase from the Nippon Ichi booth during any of the aforementioned festivals. Both, this thumb fan and the card were then made available from the Japan Nippon Ichi online store beginning on the 24th August 2010, where they were given away to anyone who made a purchase from the store, while stocks lasted.

The fan features a Prinny on one side, with the ZX card it was given away with advertised on the opposite side.

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Prinny Thumb Fan
Side #1
Prinny Thumb Fan
Side #2