CollectionI ♥ Aichi Pin

I ♥ Aichi Pin
Item Name: I ♥ Aichi Pin

Game Title: Prinny/Disgaea series

Set: Not part of a set.

Released As: Promotional freebie

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Unsure

Year: 23 November 2012

Other Info:
This pin was available from Aichi Pop Culture Festa, held on the 23rd of November 2012 in Morikoro Park. To receive the pin, attendees had to collect stamps in a special booklet from various locations at the event, as part of a stamp rally. Once they had collected all of the required stamps, they would present their booklet to an official, who would then give them their pin.

According to some information I have read, riding on the Linimo train gave people an upgrade so they were able to receive the pin faster. I've also read the pins were limited to 1,000, but I'm unsure of how accurate this information is.

The pin features a Prinny, a Linimo train, and the Aichi Pop Culture Festa mascot.

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I ♥ Aichi Pin
I ♥ Aichi Pin