CollectionDisgaea D2 Button Pack

Disgaea D2 Button Pack
Item Name: Disgaea D2 Button Pack

Game Title: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

Set: 6 badges (this is the complete set)

Released As: Commercially available badges

Country: USA

Manufacturer: Nippon Ichi Software

Year: 4 July 2013

Other Info:
This set of six Disgaea D2 badges, was originally sold at the NIS America booth at Anime Expo 2013, which was held on the 4th - 7th July in the USA. They were then released onto the NISA online store on the 5th August 2013, where they are still currently available while stocks last.

The badges were sold as a set, and come together on one cardboard backing, which features art from the game. Characters included on the badges are:-
- Laharl
- Etna
- Flonne
- Sicily
- Barbara
- Xenolith

Each pin measures approx. 3cm (1.25") in diameter.