CollectionDisgaea D2 Cafe Badge Set

Disgaea D2 Cafe Badge Set
Item Name: Disgaea D2 Cafe Badge Set

Game Title: Disgaea D2

Set: 3 from a set of 12 badges

Released As: Gashapon/capsule toys

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Year: 16 April 2013

Other Info:
These Disgaea D2 badges were available for a limited time during a Disgaea D2 promotion at the Good Smile Cafe, which was held from the 16th of April to the 6th May 2013. During this time, the cafe took on a Disgaea D2 theme, serving Disgaea D2 character-themed meals and drinks, and using Disgaea D2 themed place mats and coasters, as well as having displays related to the game, and a gashapon machine containing these badges.

This badges in the set were:-
- Laharl
- Etna
- Flonne
- Asagi
- Sicily
- Barbara
- Xenolith
- Pure Flonne
- Rainier
- Galungun
- Grosso
- Laharl-chan "coaster", "place mat," and can batch

Other Pictures
Disgaea 2 Drawstring Bag
Disgaea 2 Drawstring Bag
Pure Flonne
Disgaea 2 Drawstring Bag
Disgaea 2 Drawstring Bag