CollectionSuper Mario Figure Collection - Baby Mario

Super Mario Figure Collection - Baby Mario
Item Name: Super Mario Figure Collection - Baby Mario

Game Title: Super Mario

Set: 1 from a set of 5

Released As: UFO catcher prize

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Year: 2010

Other Info:
These figures were released in three different volumes, each consisting of five figures. This Baby Mario figure is from vol. 2, which also includes:-
- Fire Mario
- Fire Luigi
- Baby Luigi
- Red mushroom

Each figure came individually packaged in blister packaging. The colour of the packaging was different for each volume, with vol. 2 being packaged in blue.

Each figure came with a square, white base. Most of the figures in the set are freestanding, and are simply just placed on the bases with no form of attachment. However, the baby characters (excluding vol. 1's Bowser Jr.), and vol. 3's Starman figure each have a small, white post which attaches to the figure and the base to keep the figure balanced.

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Baby Mario Figure
Baby Mario Figure
Baby Mario Figure
Baby Mario Figure