CollectionNew Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Sour Candies

New Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Sour Candy Tin
Item Name: New Super Mario Bros. Mushroom Sour Candies

Game Title: New Super Mario Bros.

Set: 1 from a set of 3

Released As: Commercially available candy

Country: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Manufacturer: Boston America Corp.

Year: 2011

Other Info:
This 1UP mushroom candy tin contains "apple sours" - hard, green, mushroom-shaped, sour apple-flavoured candies

This set was made up of:-
- 1UP Mushroom tin (green mushroom with sour apple candy)
- Super Mushroom (red mushroom with sour cherry candy)
- Mini Mshroom (blue mushroom with sour raspberry candy)

Produced by Boston America Corp. beginning in 2011, and distributed in Australia by Goldie Marketing.

Other Pictures
1UP Mushroom Candy Tin
1UP Mushroom Candy Tin
1UP Mushroom Candy Tin
1UP Mushroom Candy Tin