CollectionLittleBigPlanet Angry Sackboy Figure

LBP Angry Sackboy Figure
Item Name: LittleBigPlanet Angry Sackboy Figure

Game Title: LittleBigPlanet

Set: 1 from a set of 3

Released As: Connercially available figure

Country: USA, Canada, Australia

Manufacturer: Mezco Toys

Year: 2011

Other Info:
This is one from a set of three 4" figures made by Mezco Toys. Part of the third series of figures released, this set includes:-
- Happy Sackboy
- Angry Sackboy
- Platinum Sackboy

Each figure in the set comes with a pop-it lasso, and a sticker sheet.

This figure feature 6 points of articulation, at the neck, shoulders, legs, and the zipper pull is also moveable though won't really hold a position well.

Other Pictures
LBP Angry Sackboy Figure
LBP Angry Sackboy Figure