CollectionMetal Sonic Juvi Figure

Metal Sonic Juvi Figure
Item Name: Metal Sonic Juvi Figure

Game Title: Sonic the Hedgehog series

Set: 1 from a set of 5

Released As: Comic-Con/Toys "R" Us exclusive figure

Country: USA

Manufacturer: Jazwares

Year: 2009

Other Info:
This Metal Sonic figure was exclusively available from the San Diego Comic Con in 2009. They were also available for a limited time (during the same time of the SDCC) through the Toys "R" Us website.

This is one from a set of five figures. The others in the set were all commercially available through stores. The characters included:-
- Sonic the Hedgehog
- Knuckles the Echidna
- Shadow the Hedgehog
- Sonic the Werehog

Other Pictures
Metal Sonic Juvi Figure
Metal Sonic Juvi Figure