CollectionZelda I Game Sound Museum Soundtrack

LoZ Game Sound Museum Soundtrack
Item Name: The Legend of Zelda Game Sound Museum Soundtrack

Game Title: The Legend of Zelda I

Set: 1 from a set of 21 CDs

Released As: Individually blind-boxed CDs

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: MegaHouse

Year: 28 April, 2004

Other Info:
Track Listing:-

  1. Disk System's Theme (0:09)
  2. Title BGM (3:00)
  3. Above Ground BGM (1:21)
  4. Underground BGM (0:50)
  5. Death Mountain BGM (0:59)
  6. Game Over (0:32)
  7. Flute (0:04)
  8. Catch Treasure Fanfare (0:04)
  9. Catch Triforce Fanfare (0:09)
  10. Ganon Appears and Defeat Fanfare (0:04)
  11. Zelda's Rescue Fanfare (0:08)
  12. Ending Theme (2:00)
  13. Game Play (3:48)
This is one from a set of 21 mini CDs, 20 of which were sold in individual blind-boxes with yoghurt-flavoured candy. The 21st CD (ND Super Mario Bros. 3) was a freebie with Vol. 122 of Nintendo Dream Magazine. The complete set includes:-

01 Super Mario Bros.
02 Donkey Kong
03 Donkey Kong Jr.
04 Balloon Fight
05 Wrecking Crew
06 Ice Climber
07 Light Gun Series (Wild Gunman, Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley)
08 Sports Series (Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Ice Hockey)
09 Robot Block, Gyromite
10 The Legend of Zelda
11 The Mysterious Murasame Castle
12 Metroid
13 Kid Icarus
14 Folk Tale: Uncharted Demon Island
15 Folk Tale: Brave Spirits
S-1 Bike Game Series (Excitebike, Vs. Excitebike, Mach Rider)
S-2 Donkey Kong 3
S-3 Mario Bros./Super Mario USA
S-4 Adventure of Link
SP Disk Writer
ND Super Mario Bros. 3

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LoZ Game Sound Museum Soundtrack - Box
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LoZ Game Sound Museum Soundtrack - Box
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LoZ Game Sound Museum Soundtrack - CD