CollectionAdventure of Link Fève

AoL Fève
Item Name: Adventure of Link Fève

Game Title: The Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link

Set: 1 from a set of 6 fèves

Released As: Commercially available fève

Country: France

Manufacturer: Unsure

Release date: Unsure

Other Info:
This Link fève is one from a set of six Nintendo-themed fèves, which included:-

- Mario with Mushroom
- Raccoon Mario
- Luigi
- Princess Toadstool
- Bowser
- Link

In France, fèves are traditionally hidden inside 'king cake', which is eaten during the Festival of Epiphany. As tradition goes, whoever finds the fève in their slice of cake is crowned with a paper crown and becomes 'king for the day'. The "king" is then expected to provide the cake the next festival.

Fèves originally started out as a broad bean which was hidden inside the cake, but in 1870, they were replaced with various small, porcelain figures. More recently, plastic fèves have also started being made. The figures have become popular collectibles in France, and can often be bought without the cake. Many bakeries also offer specialised lines of fèves in various themes, such as animals, cars, and popular characters (like this set of fèves).

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AoL Fève
AoL Fève
AoL Fève
AoL Fève