CollectionMinish Cap Link Figure

MC Link Figure
Item Name: Minish Cap Link Figure

Game Title: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Set: From a set containing 6 figure, and 6 phone straps

Released As: Gashapon/capsule toy

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Yujin

Release date: 2004

Other Info:
This Link and Ezlo on a mushroom mini figure was the only figure made in a Minish Cap set of gashapon toys, which otherwise consisted on phone straps. This figure was a secret figure in the set, and is considerably rarer than than the phone straps.

The set included:-
- Link holding sword
- Link with Mole Mits
- Link with Gust Jar
- Princess Zelda
- Minish/Picori
- Vaati
- Link sitting on mushroom (secret figure)

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MC Link Figure
MC Link Figure
MC Link Figure
MC Link Figure