CollectionTezuka Mini Comic Books

Tezuka Mini Comic Books
Item Name: Tezuka Mini Comic Books

Series: Various

Set: 4 from a set of 5

Released As: Stamp rally promotion freebies

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: JR West

Release Date: 28th May 2007

Other Info:
These are four from a set of five mini comic books, which were available during a stamp rally promotion held by West Japan Railways from the 28th May to the 6th June 2007. In order to obtain each book, people had to travel to either Hiroshima or Yamaguchi Station to receive a stamp rally booklet. From there, they then had to travel to one of any 24 specified 'start stations' to get their booklet stamped and begin the rally. Then participants had to travel to five specific stations and collect stamps in their booklet from each station. Each manga was only available from one particular station.

The entire set, and the corresponding stations the books were available from are:-
- Astro Boy (Osaka Station)
- Black Jack (Kyoto Station)
- Kimba (Tennōji Station)
- Princess Knight (Sannomiya Station)
- Unico (special goal point)

The Unico manga was not available from a station, but instead could be obtained from any of several 'special goal point' locations (Tennoji Park, Modern Transportation Museum, Kobe Maritime Museum, and Kawasaki world). Once the stamps had been collected, people made their way to one of three 'goal stations' (Kyoto Station, Osaka Station) to get a final stamp.

Anyone who collected three or more stamps in their booklet and filled in a questionnaire was then able to enter a competition with the possibility of winning more Tezuka-related prizes.

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Tezuka Mini Comic Books
Astro Boy
Tezuka Mini Comic Books
Tezuka Mini Comic Books
Princess Knight
Tezuka Mini Comic Books
Tezuka Mini Comic Books
Tezuka Mini Comic Books
Tezuka Mini Comic Books