CollectionPrinny Fuzzy Dice

Prinny Fuzzy Dice
Item Name: Prinny Fuzzy Dice

Game Title: Disgaea series

Set: Not part of a set

Released As: Free gift

Country: USA

Manufacturer: NIS America

Year: 26 November 2012

Other Info:
These prinny fuzzy dice plushes were available from the NIS America online store during their 2012 holiday sale, which ran from the 26th of November to the 3rd of December 2012. The dice were given away for free with any order of $50 or more, while supplies lasted.

The dice feature a variety of chibi prinnies, with different prinny images on each side:-
1 - Prinny with a frying pan
2 - Prinnies with baseballs and mitts
3 - Prinnies playing lutes
4 - Prinnies flying
5 - Prinnies wearing inflatable swimming rings
6 - Prinnies with top hats, canes, and bow ties

Both of the dice are identical, and are connected together with a blue cord.

Other Pictures
Prinny Fuzzy Dice
Sides 1 and 6
Prinny Fuzzy Dice
Sides 2 and 5
Prinny Fuzzy Dice
Sides 3 and 4
Prinny Fuzzy Dice
Prinny Fuzzy Dice