CollectionDisgaea Heroine Clear Posters

Disgaea Heroine Clear Posters
Item Name: Disgaea Heroine Clear Posters

Game Title: Disgaea series

Set: 2 posters (this is the complete set)

Released As: Commercially available posters

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Toy's Planning

Release Date: 9 August 2012

Other Info:
This poster set was first made available at the Akihabara Electrical Outside Festival, held on the 9th August 2012 in Japan. Following which, the posters were then sold at Comiket 82, which ran from the 10th - 12th August. At the same time, the posters were also put up for pre-order (at a slightly higher price) on the Nippon Ichi online store. The pre-order period ran from the 10th - 19th August, and on the 24th of August, the posters were officially released for sale on the Nippon Ichi online store.

The set comprises of two posters, the first of which features Etna and Flonne with a prinny and plush Laharl. The second poster depicts Raspberyl, Rutile, and Stella from Disgaea 3 Return, all wearing Etna's outfit.

The posters are made out of a clear, flexible plastic, hence their name 'clear posters'. For anyone familiar with clear files, it's the same sort of plastic that is usually used to make clear files.

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Disgaea Heroine Clear Posters
Disgaea Poster
Disgaea Heroine Clear Posters
Disgaea 3 Return Poster