CollectionLucky World Coins

Lucky World Coins
Item Name: Lucky World Coins

Game Title: Super Mario Bros.

Set: 3 of at least 5

Released As: Gashapon/capsule toy

Country: Japan

Manufacturer: Unsure

Year: 1992

Other Info:
This set of Mario coins was originally available from gashapon machines in Japan. Back in the early 90s, there were more "unlicensed" gasha machines in Japan than there are now, and that's where these are from. These coins are "unlicensed/unofficial" goods, meaning they are not officially licensed by Nintendo. You can tell this most easily by looking at the obverse of the coins. The art looks very roughly drawn compared to official art. The "M" on Mario's hat is also missing, which is an instant give away that these are not official.

This set is made up of at least 5 coins, which included:-
- Boo
- Bowser
- Piranha Plant
- Blooper
- Hammer Bro.

These coins are also related to the "Super Land 2" coin, which is also unofficial.

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Lucky World Coins
Boo Coin
Lucky World Coins
Bowser Coin
Lucky World Coins
Piranha Plant Coin
Lucky World Coins