CollectionMario Series "A" Pin

Mario Series
Item Name: Mario Series "A" Pin

Game Title: Mario Series

Set: 1 from a set of 20 pins

Released As: Commercially available pins

Country: North America, Europe

Manufacturer: Nintendo

Year: 1989

Other Info:
This Mario pin is one from a large set of pins, which includes:-
- Mario
- Luigi
- Mario with star
- Luigi with mushroom
- Mario running
- Mario butt-pounding
- Mario with hammer
- Mario on skateboard
- Mario in a car
- Mario on motorbike
- Mario with checkered flag
- Mario 'I saved the Princess'
- Mario with Turnip 'Super Mario Bros. 2'
- Princess Peach
- Bowser
- Koopa Troopa
- Piranha Plant
- Hammer Bro.
- Link
- Legend of Zelda title logo

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Mario Series
Mario Series