CollectionEpic Mickey Pin

Epic Mickey Pin
Item Name: Epic Mickey Pin

Game Title: Epic Mickey

Set: Not part of a set

Released As: Freebie from E3

Country: USA

Manufacturer: Disney

Year: 2010

Other Info:
This Epic Mickey pin was originally given away for free at E3 2010 in the USA. It was given to anyone who played the Epic Mickey demo at E3.

Later on, the pin was also given away at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con to anyone who asked a question at the Epic Mickey panel, which was held on the 24th July 2010.

This pin is a replica of the pins which appear in the game. It is made of metal, with the black 'Epic Mickey' logo printed onto it, and a thick layer of clear enamel over the front surface of the pin.

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Epic Mickey Pin
Epic Mickey Pin