CollectionPortal 2 PotatOS Science Kit

PotatOS Science Kit
Item Name: PotatOS Science Kit

Game Title: Portal 2

Set: Not part of a set

Released As: Commercially available kit

Country: USA

Manufacturer: ThinkGeek

Year: 2011

Other Info:
This PotatOS science kit was designed and manufactured by ThinkGeek. It includes:-
- Main Potatos Unit
- 2x round-headed pins
- 3x yellow rubber bands
- 3x tall wire guides
- 7x U-shaped staples
- Science Fair cardboard display (by Chell)
- Instruction sheet

When the PotatOS kit is connected to a potato, the LED light on the main PotatOS unit will light up and PotatOS will 'start talking'. From then on, whenever the button on the PotatOS unit is pressed, a random PotatOS quote from the Portal 2 game will be played.

This is a simulated science kit, meaning that it requires batteries to operate (1x CR2032 battery, which is included), but the PotatOS unit detects and will only work when it is connected to a potato.

The science fair cardboard display included with this kit is a replica of Chell's 'potato power' science project, as seen in the game.

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PotatOS Science Kit
PotatOS Science Kit
PotatOS Science Kit
Main PotatOS Unit
PotatOS Science Kit
Wires, etc.
PotatOS Science Kit
Cardboard Display
PotatOS Science Kit